Hello world!

Hi! Look, I’ve birthed a blog. Most people familiar with me know that’s about as close as I ever want to get to birthing anything.

Welcome to The Poe Log, a general interest blog about anything that pops into my curly giant head.

I’m a writer by day, but writing is a muscle that has to be exercised. I think I’ve been using the same few muscles for too long. I want to stretch—get out of my comfort zone, write about things that I want to write about instead of what someone else tells me to write about. And I want to be a better writer overall.

The Poe Log is not a “project” blog. I’m not cooking my way through a large cookbook. I’m not asking strangers to pay off my debt, or running 52 marathons in a year to raise money for Africa. I didn’t move from the U.S. to London or to San Diego because my husband is in the military (those last two are blogs written by friends of mine and they are awesome. You should check them out.) (And actually I did live in London for six months but it was about 100 years ago before blogs were even invented. But I wish I had had a blog back then. Those were some goooood times.)

The point is, all of these are fine objectives for a blog. But that’s not me. That’s not what this blog is about. 

I’m more into snarky commentary about the stupid things celebrities and politicians get up to. Future blog posts will also include: complaining about exercise and my quest to not be the lamest runner on the planet next to my super speedy friends; eating fabulous, amazing food; dreaming up new drink concoctions; shopping too much and trying to dress myself every day without indulging in yet more shopping. And lots of wonderful, wonderful travel.

So let’s get this party started.

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (ala Us Weekly)

[Or maybe you do know this stuff since I’m pretty sure it’s mostly my friends reading this.]

1)      I love celebrity gossip magazines, including Us Weekly.

2)      I’m from God’s Country. Also known as Texas. Don’t mess with it.

3)      I have a significant other/spousal equivalent/life partner/lover/man friend. We’ll call him Big E.

4)      I have a slightly Rubenesque Calico named Petunia; aka Princess Petunia Potpie, aka Toonces. We’re kind of obsessed with her.

I mean come on, right? How cute?!?

5)      We’re addicted to reality TV. The cat too.

6)      I can’t remember the last time I went to an actual movie (see #5).

7)      I’ve never been to any Disneyland property.

8)      I’m afraid of birds.

9)      I’ve been kicked in the head by a male stripper (Bachelorette party. San Francisco. 2008)

10)  I’ve gotten stitches in New Orleans. And I wasn’t even drunk. (Oct. 2010)

11)  Actually, I’ve gotten stitches in the head or face area 3 times (only injuries I’ve ever had). Good thing I have a hard head. No modeling career for me. Shucks.  (see #9 and #10)

12)  Big E and I had food poisoning for about 10 days in northern Italy and Zurich. Romantic. We both thought we were going to die. (Salami. March 2011)

13)  I’ll be 40 years old in March (Australia Birthday Blowout 2012 – details to come)

14)  I grew up really, really poor. Like, trailer park trash, free-government-cheese poor.

15)  Speaking of my trashy upbringing, I have a tramp stamp.

16)  And a belly piercing. (Cringe. I really am a 90s cliché)

17)  I work for The Man, here in Washington DC. (Not Obama. More like, the Corporate Man.)

18)  I recently ran my first half-marathon. It was rough. No full marathons in my future.

19)  I love all 80s music. Really. All of it. Still.

20)  My favorite foods are Mexican and barbecue. And fried pickles. Or anything with ranch.

21)  I love fashion and Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer. Not to buy stuff from, but just from an amazing artistic, inspirational standpoint.  

22)  I’m ridiculously early everywhere. It’s like I’ve got OCD or something. But I rarely get annoyed if others are late. How can I when I’m early all the time?

23)  I hate politics but I looooove a good political scandal. Luckily, DC does not disappoint.

24)  I am horrible at keeping a secret. Seriously. Don’t even ask me if I can keep a secret. Because I can’t. I really suck at it.

25)  I’m a computer idiot so there will be lots of just text at first while I get up to speed and make this the mutli-platform, visually-dizzying awesome blog that I feel sure it will become.

So that’s the prologue to the Poe Log–the beginning of the story; the part to get you excited about the good parts to come. Leave a comment, as long as it doesn’t contain any secrets that I might blurt out. Any readers with tramp stamps out there? Multiple head injuries?

11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. THUMP THUMP THUMP…is this thing on? Ahem…I have a tramp stamp. My ex husband gave it to me while his new wife and best friend looked on. It was the most miserable four hours of my life.

  2. I’m honored to have been called out/linked to on your super awesome blog!! Guess that means I’ll have to exercise my writing muscle a little more frequently. No tramp stamp for me, but I do love reality TV, 80s music, and I had my belly button pierced. My mom was thrilled. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Love it! I’m going to lean on you pretty heavily when The Only Way is Essex comes back in the fall. I’m thinking tranatlantic recaps/translations!

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