Sometimes My Words, They Hypnotize Me

I’m still being struck down with the swine/avian flu/consumption, my cough echoing down the cubicle halls. But, the blog goes on. Let’s take a little trip back in the time machine and reminisce about ye olden days, when The Poe Log was just a twinkle in somebody’s eye.

When I first decided to start a blog, I naturally spent a lot of time trying to come up with a name for it. I threw around a few ideas with my boyfriend-4-life XFE (he apparently doesn’t want to be called Big E. Whatever. It is declared, so it shall be done. XFE is an inside joke, by the way.)

The name I really, really wanted was Notorious P.O.E. But wouldn’t you know it, somebody was already out there frontin’ as Notorious P.O.E. And somebody else was already using it on Twitter! And, even on MySpace! Let’s find out a bit more about these fellow Poes, shall we?

 First, there is Notorious P.O.E the rapper and DJ from St. Louis. He’s Tef Poe and he has a blog, but it hasn’t been updated since November 2010. Looking back on his first posts in 2008, he REALLY does not like Palin. Rock on, my Poe brother. 

His first post back in March 2008 gave some shout-outs to his homies and laid out the future direction of his blog: “I’m a genius and I fully intend on spreading my version of mental diahrea throughout the universe..’GUCCI MANE FOR PRESIDENT’…”  

I concur, fine sir. I intend to write in GUCCI MANE on the next election ballot.

 On MySpace, we have the very elusive Tyler Poe, AKA The Notorious P.O.E. Unfortunately, his profile is only viewable by friends. Rude!

 And then there’s Twitter, where NotoriousPOE is one Dustin Poe. He had a short-lived interest in Twitter. Only 10 poignant tweets and three followers.

His first post was worthy of our rapper friend above: “chasing dreams and destroying convention making life my own invention.” WORD.

His last post: “the great thing about having an open mind is that you can always change it;” and then he was gone. Guess he changed his mind about Twitter?

Then there’s this really weird video on YouTube. It’s a video entitled “English notorious” that features some unusual dancing against a chalupa poster backdrop and the pretend ax murder of a rag doll. Not sure what to make of that, but I’m pretty sure I do not condone it.

So that’s it. A roundup of fellow Notorious POEs. I think I’ll stick with the Poe Log. (Man, I wish this shirt was still available. I would totally, totally buy it.)

If you had a rap name, what would it be? Also: if you had a wrap named after you, what would you call it?

This is a poster I also found by one "naughty by niemczyk." It seemed appropriate.

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