Texas is Hot and I Don’t Mean the Weather (Although That is True, Too)

Hey y’all. Have you noticed? All things from my beloved home state are trendy again. No, for reals. This is not just me trying to win Texas Ambassador of the Year – although I totally should, I run my mouth about how great God’s Country is all the time to anyone who’ll listen and a few folks who are trying quite actively to NOT listen.

We have a slick-as-goose-poop-through-a-tin-horn governor who may or may not be running for president. He’s just gonna keep us all in suspense and play hard to get. Come on, Ricky, don’t be like that!

"I'm coming to getcha DC"

We’re growing big ass babies (my uterus shriveled when I saw this story.) And his nickname is Moose. Texas humor, y’all, Texas humor.

But the biggest sign that Texas is hot is on TV.

TNT is bringing back Dallas! Unfortunately not till next summer, but still! I have a lot of fond childhood memories centered around the shenanigans of that Ewings clan (1978-1991). AND it’s going to have Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy!! Bring on the shoulder pads and catfights.

A little closer on the timeline, and set in the same great city is Most Eligible Dallas. (I lived in downtown Dallas a couple of years, on the edge of Highland Park and Oak Lawn – shout-out to my former gayborhood! The best and worst place for a single girl to live! Good – lots of fabulous friends. Bad – no dating life whatsoever)

Oh, right, about the show – it’s about dating in the big city (practically my Dallas life! – minus the money. Oh, and the family connections. And the great job and fancy cars. OK, nothing like my Dallas life) Most Eligible Dallas premieres on the supreme channel of all good things, Bravo, on August 15. Here’s a description:

“The show follows a group of Texas socialites as they make their way through the Dallas dating scene. Some are looking for true love while others have perfected the art of the one-night stand, and somehow their love lives have all crossed paths at one time or another.”

"Ah yes, we remember Poe. She was quite an asset to the Dallas social world."

Finally, even closer date-wise is StyleTVs Big Rich Texas, which premieres July 17. Here’s what Style says about this show:

“Follow this group of chic mothers and daughters for a sneak peek inside the exclusive world of Dallas’ elite—and entertaining—social scene.”

"I'd rather go to the slaughterhouse than hang out with these crazy social climbers."

Gasp. I cannot wait.

Are there any summer shows you’re excited for? Any trashy reality shows you want to fess up to? (Running buddy Amy tipped me off this morning to a show called Dance Moms that started on Lifetime last night. Yes, she was embarrassed about the channel. Yes, she did watch it.)

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