Totally Pretentious Food Truck Review: Sol Mexican Grill

This was supposed to be for last Friday, but my brain-eating amoeba fear took precedent. I’m still here, thank goodness.

Sol Mexican Grill has been described repeatedly as “Chipotle on wheels.” This is pretty accurate. The distinctive black truck with the red and yellow flame design began rolling in March and was at Farragut Park last Thursday. I went out in search of sustenance at 12:25. The line was fairly long, but not super long. Probably about 8-10 people in front of me.

The menu is simple: tacos, burrito or a bowl, all for $7 each. I went with the bowl. There were four protein options: chicken, steak, carnitas or veggies. I went with the carnitas. There were tons of toppings – sour cream, lettuce, corn, rice, beans, cheese, pico, green (medium) or red (hot) salsa, all free. The guacamole was $1.50 extra. There were no chips, however, a bit of a disappointment. They also had Jarritos sodas for $1.50. Bonus points for opening the drink for me. Theres’ nothing worse than getting back to work and realizing you need an opener.

The wait went fast: I had ordered, paid, picked up, and was on my way by about 12:35.

Upon first presentation, I worried that my carnitas bowl woudl be too small, but it actually turned out to be quite filling. In part because there was quite a bit of rice, which was not very flavorful at all. The carnitas were good and smoky, but it was kinda clumped on the side. I prefer a bit more even distribution. Overall, the bowl was good, if a bit watery toward the bottom. I would have liked a bit more cheese as well. And the salsa was a bit unremarkable. It wasn’t exactly bland, but it wasn’t life-changing either.

I give it 2 out of 4 wheels. It did the job, but I’m not sure I’d go back anytime soon. Areas of improvement – How about some chips? Also, better straining of the liquid toppings. Better, more careful distribution . Also: would a little cumbia music hurt? Maybe a second bean option – not everyone is into black beans. And maybe a dessert option, like a churro. Man, I totally would have bought a churro.

Any DC folks out there with recommendations for Totally Pretentious Food Review? Is there a truck you’ve been curious about? Folks from outside DC: are food trucks popular in your town? Any unique ones? Tell me about it!

3 thoughts on “Totally Pretentious Food Truck Review: Sol Mexican Grill

  1. Two suggestions for other trucks to try- first: the pi (symbol) pizza truck. Loved the veggie one I had but would like to know what some of their other pizzas are like. And second: the bulgogi truck (fyi – your blog is trying to auto-correct that to BULLDOG. NOT what I am suggesting).

    1. Ah, the bulgogi truck. Very good suggestion. I went there once, ages ago and it was tasty. I’ve also been curious about the pi truck, but worry I will eat a whole pizza by myself.

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