Way More Cheerful Than Yesterday’s Post

Our rather Rubenesque (no need to get a dictionary: it’s a nice way of saying chubby) cat Petunia has quite a few nicknames. Including, Princess Petunia Potpie, Toonces, iToonie (or ay Toonie if we’re feeling Spanish) and, as you may be able to surmise from the picture below, DJ Speckle Cat.

DJ Speckle Cat in Da House. Surveying the scene, laying down the beats.

DJ in da house

Because, as you can see, she’s a calico, which is all speckle-y. And because she likes to sit on couches and chairs with her chest leaning against the arm of the couch or chair and her paws on top, as if she were sitting at a turntable about to spin some jams. Or help the clubgoers fall in love again (thanks Usher). Or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Anyway, that’s one of her nicknames. And then today, my fellow cat-parent-for-life XFE sent me the link to this fabulous item today:

Oh hell yeah. It’s a scratching box. For a cat. A DJ cat. Obviously it was designed for DJ Stripey Cat, but I think our MixMaster iToonies could also rock it.


Day = instantly brightened.

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