Hotel Crashing: The Cosmopolitan Vegas

If you can’t tell from my scattered posting, work is handing me my ass this week. I mean it, I’m slammed. It’s enough to make me daydream about luxurious bathrobes. And the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas has the best bathrobe I’ve ever used, hands down.

We went to the Cosmopolitan last Christmas. They were gearing up for their big New Year’s Eve Grand Opening, so it was pretty quiet. But the place is just gorgeous. Cool and hip, dripping in crystal chandeliers and shiny laquer. You can pretty much see your reflection in every surface.

This year, we were offered two free nights because we had signed up for their player’s card. So, when we went to Vegas for Christmas with XFE’s folks, we stayed a couple of nights at the Cosmo.

We stayed in one of their Terrace Suites on the 33rd floor. It was amazing! Comfortable and chic, furnished like a real home, with cool art books and stylish accents such as ceramic horn bookends.

Decorator details at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The suite had a sitting area, a bedroom, a huge, open bathroom, and a tiny kitchenette type situation. Kinda like a glorified wet bar, with a microwave, sink, fridge.

Mini kitchen in the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

And the terrace was gorgeous! Great view of City Center and the Cosmo pool below.

Suite view at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The bathroom was stocked with Bigelow beauty products, which were very nice. There was a large jacuzzi tub, big enough for two, and an adjoining shower with a stone bench so you could get your steam on.

Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Bathroom, Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Another cute feature was the wall paper in the separate toilet area – it was this contemporary graphic design. Only when you got closer, (or spend a lot of time in there) you notice that the design is made out of curvy ladies!

Wallpaper in the Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Wallpaper in the Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The bed was fantastic — super comfortable, with nice linens and adjustable lighting within easy reach.

Bed in the Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

The entire suite could be controlled from your TV – temperature, lighting, room service,  reservations for dinner, anything.

Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

But my favorite part, hands down, were the bathrobes. Since I have a large, multi-colored cat, I literally get dressed two minutes before going out the door. So I spend a lot of time in my bathrobe while getting ready. And, I always judge a hotel by whether or not they have a bathrobe, and if so, whether it’s a good one or just a cheap, worn out terry cloth robe.

The Cosmo had the best most luxurious robe ever. They were this sort of combed waffle weave, but a really nice, flat weave. I’m sure you’re thinking I’m crazy right now, but I loved it so much, I actually wanted to take it home. But at $149, I ended up leaving it on the hanger.

I did take down the name and tried to look it up on the Internet, but no luck. I found the product line (Bellazure) and the manufacturer (Sorbel West), but none of the robes on their website looked like the ones at the Cosmo.

Guess that means we’ll have to make a return trip to the Cosmopolitan sometime soon.

Sitting area in the Terrace Suite, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

12 thoughts on “Hotel Crashing: The Cosmopolitan Vegas

  1. I also just stayed in the Cosmopolitan and found this post after google searching ‘where to buy a bathrobe like the one in the cosmopolitan in las vegas’

    They were amazing!

    1. I know! I’m so bummed I can’t find something like it online. It’s become my newest shopping obsession. Maybe we need to start a Facebook page or something.

    2. Hi Jessie,
      What size bathrobe are you looking for? I have a medium and large with slippers. If you want to buy it off me let me know. I live in Toronto Canada.

  2. Add me to the list of folks trying to find one of those robes after staying there! (I wrote down the brand name and thought it would be simple … silly me)

    1. ADDED. It’s still annoying me that we can’t find it for less. I keep looking at other robes, hoping to find a replacement, but no…nothing rivals the Cosmo robes.

  3. I never thought a bathrobe could feel this amazing, I too came to a dead end trying to buy it online. So, when I checked out of the room, I gave in and purchased the robe.
    It was a small luxury , but worth it.

  4. I am at the cosmopolitan right now and want the robe. My bf thinks I am crazy to let them charge me $125.00 for a robe, but I have ur blog to prove there isn’t a store bought one like it. Thanks and I also wonder of the slippers come with it or of they will charge me an arm and leg if I take those….. Anyone know?

  5. I searched for HOURS to try to find this robe online. HOURS! I even tried to see if I could find WTF in China they get them wholesale. No luck. I finally called the Cosmo… You can get them from their store, Monogram, for $95… $115 if you want it embroidered with the Cosmo logo! They charged $25.88 for shipping. I also called Sobel Westex directly (888-887-6235). They have it for $80. So, with tax and shipping it was $95.25. I’m going to live in this robe!

  6. Thank u everyone! you saved me hours of looking, spent only 30min and was lucky to find your page. The robe is sick and it is 2014!!!! thank u Vanessa, i will call the Sobel directly and hopefully will have The robe on shortly:))

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