Munching Down in Munich

We are 20 hours or so into our first of two days travelling to Australia. Honestly, I’m not even sure if that made sense, but I’ve had about 4 hours of really bad sleep in the last 50 hours, so that’s what we’re dealing with here. And we have another 28 hours of travel to go. They don’t call it the long way for nothing.

We started today at 9 am (3 am DC time) in Munich. We flew first class on Lufthansa and man, that was amazing. I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to coach. My travel buddy XFE and I made total jackasses of ourselves and generally annoyed the other five people in first class, but I don’t care. Everything was so nice and we don’t travel that way very often. I’ll write a whole post dedicated to Lufthansa first class service another day.

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? You see, I’m fancy.

So today we wandered around Munich for 10 hours. Which was actually really awesome. We were both very tired, for sure, but we had a fantastic time. Munich is a very pedestrian-friendly city and easy to navigate. You walk down one quaint street and lovely square after another. A good way to spend the day and see something different.

Street scene

We hit the highlights: we saw the glockenspiel. We browsed leiderhosen (ladies: Ludwig Beck department store is your hookup on all things German dress-related.)

Lady lederhosen

We went to the Residences of Munich, which I was convinced was an upscale apartment complex. Which, I guess, in a way it sorta was. Except it was a palace for the dukes and emporers of Bavaria for about 400 years. So it was actually a museum. And for 8 euro 50, a good way to kill a couple of hours in a very beautiful setting. Man, those Bavarians liked their gold and gilt.

Palace theater

We then spent a couple of hours at the Hofbrauhaus, a world-famous beer hall. The sausage was amazing and the people watching was entertaining as all get out and the polka music was invigorating. I even ate sauerkraut which I swore I hated, but then actually really enjoyed.


Next up we have our overnight flight to Bangkok, a four-hour layover and then on to Sydney. Good thing I have some sausage in my belly to fortify me.

Sausage and kraut

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