Sometimes Pictures Suffice

So, there was a little thing called Amy’s bachelorette party this weekend.

She is the last in our group of five to get married. Well, technically, there’s still me, but I’m not getting married, so that left Amy. And that explains why we went hard on the bachelorette front.

train ride up
Some nice girls just taking the train to New York.
bride to be
The Bride to Be
room at W Times Square
Our room at the W Times Square. Which had a cannabis problem in the lobby on Saturday night. Whole place stunk like skunk weed.
Getting in the limo
We made friends with Sal the Limo Driver on our way to Lucky Chengs.
Bride Outside Lucky's
The bride to be outside Lucky Cheng’s.
Drinks at Lucky's
These lovely drinks are called “small orgies.”
table dance
The bride to be was injured during this dance. She strained her neck trying to get away.
Lucky's entertainment
Us plus one.
Balloon artist
Amy seems intrigued by the balloon artist.
The final hat
She’s talking about wearing this as her headpiece at the wedding.

dance contest

retail therapy
Some retail therapy to recover from the drag show.
Dinner at Babbo
Dinner at the deliciously wonderful Babbo. So, so good.
Yertle imposter
The night kind of unraveled into debauchery from here. There weren’t just female impersonators, there was also a Yertle impersonator at a bar called Turtle Bay.
the partiers
I may have bullied some people into doing shots.
And this is why you should lock up your camera after a long night of drinking (this was at around 5 am)
Captain Morgan stance
Yep, if you don’t lock up your camera, sometimes your “friends” will take it and leave shenanigan pictures on it.
One last picture of Amy being injured.

That’s it. The last hurrah for the last single girl in our group. It looks a lot less innocent in these pictures, but honestly, it was a high-class affair featuring good food, good shopping and a little spa action (with a slight detour into college-bar territory).

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