This Makes Us The Last Unmarried Couple in the World

What the What? Angelina Jole and Brad Pitt are engaged?

When the hell did this happen?

I admit I’ve been distracted this week. My boss is out on vacation and left me to run a global multmedia empire all by myself. And when I say “global,” I mean maaaaaaybe a couple of thousand readers. When I say “multimedia,” I mean that occasionally we embed a video into a story. And when I say “empire,” I mean me, in my cube, with a janky old computer.

But no excuse! This news is nothing short of devastating. There is nothing to celebrate here, people. And this affects me personally.¬†Whenever people would shake their head or tsk at mine and XFE’s lack of matrimony, I could point to these two and snort, “If it’s good enough for Angelina and Brad, it’s good enough for us.”

Angelina and Brad were my living-in-sin idols. They were my co-habitating co-horts. My domestic-rules-of-society-be-damned doppelgangers.

Sure, I’m much thinner and more stunning than Angelina, and XFE is a thousand times better looking than Brad. And, ok, rather than have a brood of beautiful, multi-ethnic children, we’ve only adopted one multi-colored cat. Thus far.

I'm judging you for not being married.

But still, the similarities were far greater than the differences.

I feel so betrayed. Now who will I look to for guidance on how to avoid¬†the yoke of matrimony? What happened to: “You don’t have to be married to be committed to a partner or your family??” (That’s a quote! From you, Angelina!! I’ve read everything ever printed on this subject!)

I guess there’s Jon Hamm and that Jennifer chick that was in “Kissing Jessica Stein.” Not exactly the most high-profile couple, but I guess they’ll have to do.

On the plus side, I suppose I’m less upset than that poor ol’ Jennifer Aniston. Justin Theroux better get on the ball or he’ll never hear the end of it.

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  1. H…l NO one does NOT have to be married… You went to my wedding after living with Ray for two years, and I am NOT married in the relationship I am in now. This subject puts me on a high horse in a hurry

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