Weekend in Pictures

No weddings, but other shenanigans were afoot. 

I signed up for this race about two months ago. I thought it was on Sunday, but while ironing on Saturday, I saw a commercial for a new show starting on Monday, April 30. I thought to myself, “no, Monday’s May 1,” but when I went and checked, I saw that it was actually the 28th and I had missed the race. Awesome. I swear, i’m not signing up for another race again.

Some boar chops from Steve the butcher. We had Matt and Melissa over on Saturday night and made dinner.

We made wild mushroom risotto. Luckily, I’m not too embarrassed to put up a shit-eating grin photo. This is literally the only help I provided the whole meal.

All together now, boar, risotto, asparagus.

And then we noticed that our tomato plant had been vandalized. We think a squirrel is messing with us. 

End of weekend drink. We went to Brabo (down the street from our house) hoping to take advantage of their happy hour deal (mussels, frites and wine for $15) but they were actually out of mussels. Bummer.

Dessert in the dark. Berries with whipped cream and dark chocolate squares.

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