Kids I’d Like to Hang With. No, Seriously.

I’m not into children. They’re not my jam. Unless they’re boiled and made into jam. On biscuits, I bet they’d be quite nice.

It’s kinda funny because we’re looking at houses right now (aka: The Saga, and yes, it continues. It hasn’t been so bad, but we haven’t actually put in any offers yet, and gotten rejected). Anyway, so many second rooms are made (staged) into children’s rooms or nurseries, as if that would be a selling point. It most assuredly is not.

But while I do not enjoy children, there are a couple of celebrity kids that truly crack me up when I see them in the magazines each week.

First up, Archie, ginger son of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. For someone with comedians as parents, this kid has no sense of humor. He’s not amused by anything. His serious bitch face cracks me up. Even at the grocery store, where I’m sure he bullied his mom into some Captain Crunch.

ImagePlus, he’s a beast. He’s large and in charge. I would not try to wrestle a Nilla cookie wafer off this kid. Or any other cookie. He would jack you up.


I think he might eat his smaller, younger brother, if left alone with him. And the binoculars too. Nothing would be left after this little Cannibal Lecture got done with business.


He stole those Nikes off a basketball player whose ass he kicked.

My other favorite is Louis Bullock, adopted non-ginger son of Sandra Bullock.


He’s obviously a linebacker. I think he even tried out for the Blind Side.


He’s like a little Mr. T. He definitely pities the fool. Especially pirate fools.


I’d love, love, love to see a playground fight between these two. I have no idea who’d win. I guess since I’m technically a red head, I’d have to put my money on the ginger. But that Louis kid scares me. Seriously.

Funny video I saw on late night television in Australia. Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger.

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