Monday Quick Hit

I promise I’ll have a much longer post tomorrow, but I did want to put something funny up today.

This is an email I received from my house-subsidizing-partner-for-30-fixed-years XFE on Friday before the home inspection. It documents an exchange he had with the home insurance company:

Just asked if we had pets, “Yes?”

Is it vicious?  “Depends” She might lay on you…..

By the way no additional charges for kangaroos or wallaby’s.

I asked.

Love you – have a great day

I also feel compelled to write this note in light of some activities that occurred later that night:

Dear Area Pet Kennels/Doggie Day Care providers: I sincerely apologize for the Friday night hijinks. Please know that the call asking about your abilities to accommodate/host a wallaby or kangaroo was a “serious” request from one person in our household. However, the other party involved is firmly against having a kangaroo as a pet, a fact that is well documented elsewhere on this blog. So, we’re at a bit of an impasse, and I wouldn’t go building a kangaroo enclosure just yet.

I hope that the call and request brightened up your Friday evening.  We have a very low fun threshold in our house. That’s my only excuse. Thanks for the laughs, Poe and XFE (and Petunia too).

PS: To manager Brooke (name of facility withheld): XFE is very much awaiting further contact from you on this issue.

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