I Tried Not To Snort When I Saw the Word “Inspiring”

Hello! I’m back from the Coast of Riches (eh, my Spanish is a bit rusty). What did I miss? Wimbledon’s still rained out, right? TomKat’s still going strong, correct? Well, surely Magic Mike won out at the box office this week? (If not, then emotionally-available and ambitious male strippers everywhere were ROBBED.)

I have a longer post lined up for tomorrow, but I had to check in for one very humbling reason — while I was gone, I got my first shout out from another blog! Very exciting stuff.

Anne Woodman over on Writing By the Numbers told all of her readers that I was “inspiring.” Then she had to explain her loco self (See, that’s Spanish there. It rhymes with Coco and means, like, “one with exceptionally good taste.”)

By inspiring, I mean inspiring me to laugh. She is so funny and posts lots of things about reality television. A seriously good laugh.

And I didn’t even pay her or threaten her. Ella esta loco, no? Anyway, give Anne some love back when you get a chance. We have a lot of stuff in common – she’s a writer, a runner, and she also cannot put shoes back in their shoe boxes properly without punching a hole in the side (seriously, is there some trick to this?)

One thought on “I Tried Not To Snort When I Saw the Word “Inspiring”

  1. I am so sad to have to tell you the bad news about TomKat. And I am seriously dying to see Magic Mike. I have two words for you: Channing. Tatum.

    Can’t wait to see dreamy photos of your trip!

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