Rufus’s Tower

I know I promised no more cat posts, but I feel like the timing of this little video below was designed to turn me into a blubbering puddle of a mess.

First, some background, via the Los Angeles Times:

In the beginning of the video, Australian commercial and music video director Billy Browne explains that he and his cat Rufus were just emerging from a rough patch in their relationship.

Rufus had an ear infection that required Browne to put drops in his ears. Rufus hated the drops and had started running away from Browne when he got home from work. In the video Browne confesses that Rufus had been hiding from him for two weeks.

After the ear-drop nightmare had come to an end, Browne wanted to give the cat something special as a way to make up for the torture he had bestowed upon him. That something was a cardboard tower of a kitty’s dreams.

And my reaction to the lovely little video:

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