Would You Like Some Deer Antler with Those Wings?

Why yes, I did watch the Super Bowl this past weekend. I know the complete absence of any suggestion of Beyonce’s fierce halftime show outfit must have had you all wondering.

Best. Fierce face. Ever.
Best. Fierce face. Ever.

We actually went over to a friends’ house to watch it. It was fairly entertaining because (1) we’re not really that into football, (2) neither were our friends; and (3) the other couple they invited over were actually into football. Or, at least, one of them was. He must have been quite frustrated with all of us, as we ate and drank our faces off and kept a running commentary on everything except the big game.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I was cheering on Baltimore. I mean, come on….their mascot’s name is POE.


One of the topics we explored at length was this whole deer antler business. Most of us were quite puzzled by what it was, how it worked, why it was banned, what it might taste like on our delicious fish tacos (courtesy of our hostess, Monica). Luckily, there’s an infographic to explain (it is, of course, offered up by the fine manufacturers of deer antler spray. No ulterior motive there. No siree.)

It is pretty fascinating infographic, and I’m relieved to see it causes no harm to the deer. I had visions of some little Lord of the Rings Hobbit person chasing the poor deer around with a syringe (the deer are in New Zealand, by the way. In case you were wondering about the Hobbit reference).

And, I thought it was just athletes who were getting caught with this stuff, but apparently country singer Randy Travis hearts deer antler spray “Forever and Ever, Amen. ”

I also love how the history timeline on this infographic jumps from 13 AD to 1996. Seamless. Anyway, enjoy.

What Is Deer Antler Spray?


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