Mine’s Bigger

Sorry about the lack of blog posts. I’ve just been been biting my nails down to the quick over our upcoming trip to Peru. And, making and discarding numerous packing lists in my head at 3 am when I’m supposed to be sleeping.



But, I did want to check in and say, What the Tummy, Kate Middleton? Are you kidding me with that baby bump? You’re due in JULY. JULY. That’s like, a trimester or three months or something. And that’s all you’ve got? Have you even seen Jessica Simpson? Or Kim Kardashian? Hell, Fergie just announced she’s pregnant and she’s showing more than you.   I just ate lunch and my stomach is bigger than yours. Geeze. Eat some ice cream or something. 


One thought on “Mine’s Bigger

  1. I will say that a.) Kate was no bigger, pre-baby, than my pinky finger. And b.) When I was pregnant the first time around, I could hide it until almost the 7th month. The second time I was pregnant? I got the test and started showing immediately. It went downhill from there. With both pregnancies, I gained the same amount of weight. ; )

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