You Know What Makes Everything Better? Cat Videos

It’s been…a…challenging week around here.

The weather has been abysmal — cold and rainy yet humid and gross. Requiring one to wear a coat and/or sweater and/or scarf, then carry some combination of those items during the afternoon, only to put them on again in the early evening. I constantly smell like layers of slightly sweaty wet wool. So pleasant.

I’ve also been trying to get up at crack o’dawn to work out with my personal-trainer-for-life, XFE. He’s really into this fresh new hell called “Metabolic Effect” that takes place at 6 AM.  It’s “metabolic” because it revs your metabolism through non-stop, complex movements with weights. The “effect” is that I want to kill my personal-trainer-for-life, but find my hands too sweaty to properly grip his neck and squeeze.

Also: I went to Gap for some lunchtime pick-me-up shopping and somehow, against all Internet spamming gods, I did not have a single coupon from Gap somewhere in my email inbox. How is that even remotely possible? Ann Taylor, Banana and Gap email me coupons at least twice a day on a regular basis, but the day I need to go shopping? No. Oh, but I do have a Gap Outlet coupon in my inbox. W. T. F.

Work has been….well, let’s not talk about that.

There just are not enough hours (or wine) in the day.

I know some kitty cats who feel my pain. Sad cats. With diary entries.


Cheered me right up. Especially the first bit about the black pants. And the food dish. And the water bowl. All of it, really. It’s exactly what I imagine Petunia thinks of us.

Happy Friday


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