Lobster-Palooza Weekend

When I was a wee little trailer rat growing up amidst the tumbleweeds of West Texas, there was not a lot of lobster on the menu. Nor should there have been. After all, I had a palate more acquainted with government-issued cheese and vegetables out of a can (I didn’t even know asparagus was not naturally mushy until well in my 30s.)

Well, my pallet has definitely matured and I’ve made up for lost fine-dining time.

This weekend, for example, we went to the Maine Street fish market in downtown DC to invite a few friends to dinner.

lobster shopping


While the piles of shrimp were quite lovely, we had some other dinner guests in mind.

group shot



That’s Hank, Gomez, Skyler, Walt and Walt Jr. Saul got away, sneaky bastard.

Feisty lobsterThat’s Walt on the end. He was pretty feisty. Guess he wasn’t too fond of our dinner plans.

lobster stock


We gave our crustacean guests a dip in the hot tub, and with a few more ingredients, we had a lovely lobster stock.

lobster bits


Some of our lobster friends after they shed their shells.



Bacon makes everything better.

chowder final


Mmmm. Lobster chowder.

lobster rolls


Followed by lobster rolls the next day. I have to say, I slightly preferred the chowder. For one thing, it was much easier to eat (less messy). And for another, the chowder had both white wine and sherry in it, so um, yeah. Plus the bacon.


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