What is Going on in This Picture?

Can we just talk about this picture for a moment? 



When I first saw this on Day Old News, I had the same thought as that blogger: What the hell is Casper wearing? Dude. You are with, what is arguably, one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s 44 years old, and has squeezed out two babies – AT THE SAME TIME — and she looks freaking amazing. She is Bringing. It. Look at her fabulousness! Plus, she’s a straight up earner. Jennie’s got mad business skillz. 

And what has Casper brought to this whole scenario? Some rolled up jean shorts and a white v-neck t-shirt and some high tops. Are. You. Kidding. Me? Ugh. I just cannot. 

But then, I started looking at the real subject of the picture: the snazzy dressed, Cotton Club giant raising the roof behind our mismatched sartorial lovers. 

Who is that dude? He’s dressed to nattily to be a body guard right? But he’s like, 6 feet tall, marcelled hair, waxed mustache, and all. Did they stumble onto the set of Boardwalk Empire? Were Casper and J-Lo shopping at the outlets at Atlantic City and make a wrong turn into Ye Olde Times Speakeasy? Gurl, it’s a long way from the Bebe store to the 1920s.

Also, why was the happy giant following them down the street? Did they skip out on their gimlets? 

He looks like he’s about to engulf them with his giant wing span. I’m genuinely concerned for them. 

So many questions…..


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