This Other Blog That Sometimes Lets Me Write for Them

Heading over to the gym for some more pain, but I wanted to shout from the interweb rooftops about a new blog that I’m contributing to. It’s part of Project: Time Off, an initiative to encourage people to take time off from work, which seems like such a no-brainer to someone who not only took ALL of her vacation days when she worked a 9-to-5, but usually ran a deficit at the beginning of each year.

Anyway, the new PTO website and blog was launched today an includes a post from your’s truly on getting your Jurassic World fix without getting eaten. Go and check it out, sign up for updates, share your own vacation Instagrams or time off experiences. And take some time off!

Dinosaurs on vacation, get it? By MP Davey, a fine artist I had never heard of until today.

2 thoughts on “This Other Blog That Sometimes Lets Me Write for Them

  1. Congratulations on the new gig! Dinosaurs are much more exciting to write about than free enterprise, right?

    1. Hey blast from the past! Dinosaurs are indeed fun. Even more fun? Being your own boss and working from home! I don’t miss office politics at all!

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