Post #987 on Why I’ve Not Been Posting More Regularly

My absolute favorite blog in the entire world is the Everywhereist. In fact, I almost don’t want to talk about it because I’m afraid you’ll wander over there and abandon my modest musings forever.

Every single post gives me the same mixture of emotions in this exact order: First, giggly amusement and head-nodding recognition. Then the real shit-storm begins: I’m overcome with intense jealousy (why didn’t I think to write that?), blinding inspiration (I’m going to write something just as good!) and finally, debilitating despair (I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer), all in the same millisecond.

So basically, I’m saying it’s all Geraldine’s fault that I’ve been lapse in my blogging.

Actually, she just had a post that perfectly sums up the agony of sitting in front of a blank screen every single day and trying to write for yourself or your imagined audience, or blessedly, most days, for profit. Even if writing is something you love, we all know that it is the things you love that can sometimes cause you the most angst.

And the thought of letting anybody down? Well, it’s paralyzing.

There are so, so many things I love about this post, but my favorite bit has to be this one, perhaps because it sums up the current sluggish blog-publishing situation I’ve found myself in:

 “I’ve noticed you haven’t written anything in a while.”

Really? I haven’t? Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Because it’s not as though I’ve been obsessing about that as I stare at my ceiling in the middle of the night trying to coax the words out of my head while feebly fending off crushing feelings of self-doubt. Nope. Definitely not.

Dear and incredibly-patient reader: This is very true. All of it is true. The whole damn post. I promise.

I’d love to tell you I’ll get my shit together soon and do a better job balancing the paid gigs with this little love-project, but who knows, really? More than likely, I’ll write a blog post here and there while I’m procrastinating on a paying gig on a topic that isn’t really my cup of tea. Like, today’s post, just for example.


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