Infographic: Surviving a Baby Shower

In a truly shocking turn of events, I went to a baby shower this weekend that was not awful. Actually, it was quite nice.

Well, I’m not willing to totally go against character and put my curmudgeonly persona into a coma — it was quite nice for a baby shower, let’s say.

I mean, there’s a reason why it’s not called “an adult shower” — primarily because the gifts are not of too much interest to most adults. Or, at least not to chosen-to-be-childless adults. I cannot seem to muster up a whole lot of excitement for breast feeding paraphernalia or another packet of onesies, for example.  (Although I did find myself “oohing” over a fetching hand-crocheted circular blanket.)

What made this baby shower successful in my opinion are a few things:

1) The champagne was a’flowing. And, it was a serve yourself situation. AND I quickly ascertained where the backup bottles were and made use of that knowledge when things were running low.

2) The gift opening was pretty speedy. Although I mostly chatted and drank champagne through the whole thing, it went pretty fast.

3) No games. None of that melted candy bar in a diaper business at this soiree. And I, for one, am grateful. Unless that game is throwing fistfuls of $100s and then letting the ladies duke it out. I think that would be a great baby shower activity. I would enjoy participating or observing that one.

So, all in all, I give this baby shower a 10 out of 10. Good job, Amy and company.

As I said, I wasn’t paying the strictest attention to the gift roundup, but I think a few of the items in this infographic below were acquired.

For the record, Amy is a first-time parent, but she’s already a doting step-mom to her spouse’s daughter. So they needed all the essential items, as well as fun and creative toys. Which is why I gave baby his/or/her first pair of teeny-tiny Western boots.  Y’all, they were so cute I almost kept them.