What the Fourth is Really About: Food

Some people think of July Fourth as a time of parades and patriotism; celebrating this great country with family, flags, and fireworks.

This dude is way more 'Merican than me.

We think of July Fourth as a time to gorge on great food. Here’s some of what we ate over the last week and especially, this weekend, including a preposterous amount of dips, yakitori skewers, fancy chocolates, and scallop and bacon shanties. And corn, glorious, glorious corn.

No flag shirts were harmed in the making of this collage. (People: Please stop buying and wearing these things. Old Navy: I know you didn’t make this particular one, but you do make others. Please stop selling them. For America’s sake.)

Anyone else out there eat anything good? Did you run afterwards in a flag sweat-xedo?