Friday Links: Fall Blows Edition

Fall is the worst
This picture of one of the Broderick twins crying with a leaf shoved in her face never fails to crack me up.
  • I’m on a bit of a self-imposed shopping hiatus right now, but if I weren’t, I’d be plunking down some cash for the burgundy version of these wedge booties featured on Cardigans and Couture this week.
  • This post from last year continues to perform really well on thePoeLog. I believe that it’s because it contains the words “Fall sucks.” Yes, I hate fall. But maybe not as much as John Oliver who had this fantastic rant about that most vile and eagerly awaited of seasonal drinks: pumpkin spice latte. Yep, tastes like a candle.
  • Here are a few Buzzfeed listicles about why fall sucks. Yes, I am unfortunately unable to master the art of layering without looking frumpy, and I get lipstick all over every scarf that I try to artfully wrap around my short neck/large bosom area.
  • We’re going to Singapore next year and this helpful article from CNN might save me from spending the trip hanging over a toilet. I can’t believe there are TEN gross foods I need to worry about. At least.
  • We’re actually using miles to fly Singapore Airline’s first class suites, which Paula Froelich of Yahoo Travel jokes “ruined her life.” I’m willing to chance it.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, a new airline will be offering unbelievably cheap flights to Iceland and Europe beginning in March. Of course, it will probably be standing room only and no baggage fees because you aren’t allowed to bring any luggage. Also, I would bring my own safety equipment if I were you.
  • Presented without comment: Wild hogs on the hunt for candy may force town to cancel Halloween.
Skull shirt says Happy Halloween
We have a very lax dress code at Poe Industries. And a hamper of dirty laundry. 

They Don’t Call It Toons-a-Ween, That’s For Sure

Good thing I had all that Sandy-cation time off this week. It gave me time to work on a Halloween costume for Petunia.

There were some strong contenders.

My friend Taylor recommended this scuba cat, since my assistant seamstress XFE and I are into scuba diving.

By the way, did you hear about this chic? She’s my hero. Karate chopping sharks is pretty badass. Next year, I’m going to dress up as her for Halloween and make Petunia wear a shark costume.

This lobster one is pretty cute. But Toons wouldn’t fit in the pot, so we had to nix that one.

In a similar vein, I thought Petunia had the right expression for this spider cat costume. That is totally Petunia’s twin.

I was really gunning for a Honey Boo Boo costume and I figured with Petunia’s big belly, she had it down, but again, she was not feeling very cooperative.

In the end, she decided to go as an angry house pet. Talk about typecasting.

Some takeaways from last night’s festivities.

  • Halloween buckets have morphed from little plastic orange pumpkins into full-on, large reusable Marshall’s bags.
  • Some of these children appeared a bit old. And honestly, a bit lazy with the costumes. Pretty sure the “cheerleader” I saw was a high school girl wearing her cheerleading uniform.
  • Lots of ninjas. Far and away the most popular costume option. Also: We saw two Mario’s, as in, Mario Brothers. My favorite though was when XFE had to answer the door while I was heating up some leftovers for dinner. I excitedly asked him what our little visitors were dressed as and he said one of them was pushing an empty stroller and appeared to be dressed up as some exhausted suburban mom. Classic.
  • When you run out of candy, children do not like to be offered a Viactiv calcium chew, even if it is chocolate flavored. That whole bone density thing is definitely going to come back and bite them later, I promise you.
  • Petunia does not like trick-or-treaters. Every time she came down to eat and the doorbell would ring, she made like a skedaddle cat and tore up the stairs like a calico cyclone.