At Least Petunia’s Happy We’re Home

After a week of not wearing makeup, or proper pants, or even deoderant, we’re home from Vieques.

That's a panda. On a plane. Flying first class. Not on any of my flights, mind you. But I think it's hilarious.

It is a balmy 36 degrees in Alexandria this morning and overcast. This time yesterday, we were sweating by the pool, awaiting the delivery of 2 pounds of lechon (roasted whole pig).

I’m mildly sunburned, covered in mosquito bites, have a rash on the back of my right knee from swimming in my wet suit, and have totally and completely lost my manicure and pedicure (salt water and sand is quite corrosive, even on Shellac.)

But I’ll never forget the white sandy beaches, the twinkling bioluminscent bay, the variety of sea life we saw, and the delicious food that we ate.

Still, it’s good to be home. Planning and plotting our next trip.