Poe Poll: Is This Funny?

Just a quick post. We have returned from Paracas for one last night in Lima before we head up to Urubamba and Machu Picchu. Our wake-up call tonight? 2 am for a 5 am flight. Not. Pumped.

Right now, we’re sitting in the executive lounge of the JW Marriott in Miraflores, having a glass of wine before we go to bed at around 7 pm. I’m listening to an incredibly large man (seriously, he’s hit the free buffet at least 4 times so far) on a cell phone talking about how he lost his computer charger (and apparently, is unfamiliar with the concept of buying a new one or asking concierge to direct him to a Radio Shack). He also lost out on buying an apartment today. Oh, and he’s been talking about some diet he’s on where fruit isn’t allowed “in this phase.” Also: there’s a young couple nearby who JUST got here and are already fighting. I can’t tell exactly what about, but she just loudly declared, “ok, you’re right, I know nothing about anything.”

Gurl, I know how you feel. According to XFE, I don’t know much about humor.

Settle me this:  I cracked myself up for literally half the day with this pun: Here I am, eating Lima beans in Lima.

XFE thought it was a meager showing at best.


That’s funny, right? Take this poll and settle our tiff.