The More You Know, the More You Go

I lerve a good infographic. I really do. So much information delivered in an entertaining and colorful way. Last Friday, I was looking for an infographic for work, as I often do, and I came across this fascinating little gem. While not really appropriate for work, it seems like this is the type of Trivial Pursuit knowledge that might come in handy, at say, a coffee shop where they are serving civet coffee.

Who knew that poop was so interesting. And useful! And came in an assortment of colors! Although, if my poop comes out blue, I’m going to be very, very upset.

I also now know to be wary when driving over what might appear to be camel poop. Very handy, that tidbit.

And, to watch out for feces flinging caterpillars. Not sure where those guys live, but I’m on high alert.

Seriously, where do these infographics guys come up with this stuff!

The Facts About Poop