Lunchtime Quick Hit: Lululemon, Sand Boarding

Freelance business writer

Just a quick little post because I absolutely could not let the ongoing Lululemon tights-worn-as-workout-gear news pass.

Ladies and investors, do not be angry at Lululemon. See-through yoga pants are a national epidemic, as I’ve pointed out here and here.

If, however, you feel your trust has been betrayed and you simply must be angry, be aggrieved at the fact that Lululemon thinks they can get away charging $80-$100 for those yoga pants. Which is just a patently ridiculous number.

So two lessons here: Ladies, bend over and check yourself before you wreck yourself (and maybe consider going up a size in your yoga pants).

And let’s all just get off the Lululemon cult train. There are lot’s of other, less-expensive alternatives out there.  I’m not going to be nearly as ticked off that my $19.99 Marshall’s yoga pants aren’t living up to expectations as I would if I’d shelled out $100.

Finally, my editor-in-life XFE was disappointed by my photo choices for yesterday’s post, so he graciously dug up a few off his camera. Here you go.

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