Swingers on Ketamine Make the Worst Party Hosts

Listen, I’m a girl who likes a party. Heck, I’m a girl who likes to find out about a birthday party secretly being planned for her (oh yes, that happened this weekend. As someone who cannot keep a secret, and hates surprises, I’m quite relieved and excited to find out about this surprise birthday party. I need at least three weeks to acquire a proper tiara).

Anyway, this is the type of stuff that happens when you try to “surprise” someone at a party:  People get bear maced.

A swinging couple sprayed a can of bear repellent into the face of a man after a weekend sex session arranged on the internet went wrong. Stephen Barclay, 36, and his lover Leanne Reid, 31, had spent a drug-fuelled weekend with total stranger Owen Greenan at their home. The couple had arranged for him to stay at their isolated property for the orgy after they contacted each other online.

Isn’t the Internet a wonder? You can order almost anything. Sparkly birthday tiarar? Check. Bear repellent? Check. Random stranger for threesome? CHECK.

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