But What Will We Watch Without Teen Moms??

Can we please have a moment’s silence? Because the world’s best non-pharmaceutical birth control, MTVs Teen Mom as started its last season.

There’s a lot of teenage promiscuity in that picture.

No longer will the world keep up with ungrateful Farrah, learn new ways to manipulate your ex from super controlling Maci, and watch the continuous and terrifying unraveling of Amber. Oh, and their toddlers are also on the show. Nope, we’ll have to look elsewhere for that seemingly odd mix of self-absorption and lack of self-awareness. Luckily, we still have the Kardashians.

To be fair, 16 and Pregnant is really the television show that makes me keep my knees together and double up on birth control dosages. Watching that labor and those babies being born freaks me out like the idea of Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor. (What is up with that?? Worst casting ever!)

Even she looks less than thrilled with that whole parenting thing.

But while it certainly is difficult to be a pregnant teenager, pregnancy at any age is difficult. And very, very whiny, as you can see in this new spoof, “32 and Pregnant.”

Perhaps you are tired of listening to pregnant people whining about how hard it all is? Perhaps you’d like to hear a newborn’s point of view. Welp, I’ve got the place for you. MaddieUncensored.tumblr.com provides that much-needed and often-neglected, baby perspective on the world. And, like me, she’s into reality TV.

Wonder why babies cry so much? Maddie explains it’s because they’re messing with their parents.  Ever ponder what a baby thinks of its’ mother’s hygiene habits? Maddie reveals that love is actually conditional upon one taking a shower once in a while.

Something that is true whether you are 16 or 32.