Soccer Road Trippin’ Through the South

It’s hotter than Hades here in D.C. so it seems like the perfect time to hop in the car and drive many, many hours to even hotter locations, primarily in the South.

Sally and Burt
“Oh, I’m sorry, am I inhibiting your driving? It’s just that this is a couples road trip and what could be more magical and romantic than that?”

But we do it for the love of soccer.

That’s right, my travel-partner-for-life XFE and I are going on a road trip to see our favorite English Premier League team, the Tottenham Hotspurs, play two games in the United States as part of the International Champions Cup. Eight European teams, including the Hotspurs, who you may remember came in second in the Premier League this past May, will be playing at stadiums across the U.S. July 19-30th.

Tottenham Traveling Squad

We’ve got tickets to see Tottenham play Paris Saint-Germain in Orlando and Manchester City in Nashville. And instead of trying to see Tottenham is pay Roma in New Jersey in the middle of the week, we decided to skip it and swing through New Orleans instead (we’ve got some history with ol’New Orleans).

So today, we’re in the car for approximately 8.5 hours heading to a quick overnight stop in Charleston to say “howdy” to the fine folks of “Southern Charm.” (Well, maybe not so much. Although, we are going to try to have drinks at the Gin Joint, which was featured on the show.)

Gin Joint on Southern Charm
Cameran = matchmaking fail.

While we’ve travelled quite a bit, we’ve never actually been on a road trip, per se. I mean, we’ve rented a car and slowly meander our way across northern Italy, but that was only 270 miles. SFE dodged Irish sheep for about 300 miles when we drove the Ring of Kerry and explored the Dingle Peninsula back in 2009. And we once got held up on a highway in Peru on our way from Lima to Paracas by a fishermen’s protest, turning a trip that was only supposed to be 3.5 hours into a multi-hour nailbiter. We’ve even traversed northern Spain (twice!) to get our soccer (and kebab) fix.

Poe at soccer

But we’ve never done such a heavy driving trip. We’ll be covering approximately 2,853 miles in a total estimated time of 42 hours and 18 minutes. Which is a lot of beef jerky and “Despacito” on the radio. Here’s hoping we don’t kill each other.

Couples road trip

In the meantime, here are some past posts explaining our love of the Hotspurs.






Would You Like Some Deer Antler with Those Wings?

Why yes, I did watch the Super Bowl this past weekend. I know the complete absence of any suggestion of Beyonce’s fierce halftime show outfit must have had you all wondering.

Best. Fierce face. Ever.
Best. Fierce face. Ever.

We actually went over to a friends’ house to watch it. It was fairly entertaining because (1) we’re not really that into football, (2) neither were our friends; and (3) the other couple they invited over were actually into football. Or, at least, one of them was. He must have been quite frustrated with all of us, as we ate and drank our faces off and kept a running commentary on everything except the big game.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I was cheering on Baltimore. I mean, come on….their mascot’s name is POE.


One of the topics we explored at length was this whole deer antler business. Most of us were quite puzzled by what it was, how it worked, why it was banned, what it might taste like on our delicious fish tacos (courtesy of our hostess, Monica). Luckily, there’s an infographic to explain (it is, of course, offered up by the fine manufacturers of deer antler spray. No ulterior motive there. No siree.)

It is pretty fascinating infographic, and I’m relieved to see it causes no harm to the deer. I had visions of some little Lord of the Rings Hobbit person chasing the poor deer around with a syringe (the deer are in New Zealand, by the way. In case you were wondering about the Hobbit reference).

And, I thought it was just athletes who were getting caught with this stuff, but apparently country singer Randy Travis hearts deer antler spray “Forever and Ever, Amen. ”

I also love how the history timeline on this infographic jumps from 13 AD to 1996. Seamless. Anyway, enjoy.

What Is Deer Antler Spray?