NYFW Fall 2012: Eulogy to Coat Sleeves

New York Fashion Week is now officially over and I am bereft. I wasn’t there, mind you, but many of the bloggers I read regularly were there.

I don’t know what my days will be like without slide shows that I can shake my head at and chuckle, “Oh that crazy Christian Siriano with his signature ruffles. He’s just so fierce.”

There was much that I liked from the shows and look forward to sporting in Fall 2012: Leather sleeves! Peplums! Fur! Burgundy and wine tones! All together now! (Actually, a burgundy peplum jacket with fur trim and leather sleeves would be right up my alley.)

But I think what I’ll miss most in Fall 2012 are using the sleeves on my coat. Alas, henceforthwith, my coat will only adorn my shoulders and the sleeves will lie limply.

Sleeves are so 2011.
Who needs sleeves when you have a sequin sweater?
J Crew's Jenna Lyons rocking the lesbian chic. Which, of course, means no sleeves.
Where is my right hand? Have you seen it?
You know what's really hard? Hailing a cab when you have no arms.
Come to me, let me wrap my limp sleeves around your neck like a scarf.
Rachel Zoe was QUEEN of the non-useful sleeve. She is Working. It.
Helmut Lang: No use for sleeves.


The aforementioned Rachel Zoe's collection. Sleeves are for poor people.

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